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Galesburg, Illinois - Utopia For Pets has been awarded a $2,000  Grant from DJ & T Foundation (Established by Bob Barker in 1995) to help fund the CITIZENS4SENIORS initiative which will be open to applicants starting May 1st, 2021.  This grant will help provide funding for FREE spay & neutering services through approved local veterinarians, for pets of senior citizens in Knox County, who fall within 150% of the federal poverty level.

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Giving hope to pets in need

Utopia For Pets is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Knox County, Illinois dedicated to assisting pets of senior citizens and hospice patients, in order to keep pets at home with their owner, by providing pet food, financial assistance for veterinary care, transportation to veterinarians, and in home care assist. In addition we assist recently widowed pets to find new homes,


Our goal is to keep beloved pets in home with the owners when they need them the most and help prevent widowed pets from entering the shelter system.

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The bond between a person and a pet can be as close as a bond between family members.

A pet can provide comfort to their owners much like a close friend or relative.

When a pet parent is facing a disease progression or terminal illness their pet may serve as their primary support through companionship. Giving them hope and a reason to look forward to tomorrow.

Some individuals have a large support network and receive assistance with their pets.

Unfortunately, some families may not live in the same city or with their busy schedules, and dealing with their family members illness may overlook a pet.


We are here for you and can help!


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Utopia For Pets offers foster based animal rescue. To apply to foster for Utopia For Pets please complete our foster application. 
Sharing your home with an animal, even temporarily, is a responsibility to be treated with care and respect. Many of our animals will require extra loving care as they recover from loss of an owner, possible illness, potty training needs, or learn correct behavior. 


If you are dedicated to helping a pet in need and are up for the challenge of fostering, apply today!


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What happens when a family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness or a elderly family member is needing assistance to care for a pet in the home?  

What would happen if your family member could no longer take care of their pet, or make the trip to the store to pick up pet food,.  What about a trip to the vet?

We can assist you and your family

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As a Registered Nurse, who has worked in Long Term Care. It pulls at your heart strings to not only see a resident have to leave their home, but also have to leave their beloved pet.  Often the hardest part about moving into long term care isn't having to leave their home, but not being able to keep their cat or dog.


Watching a family struggles to find placement for their parents pet dog or cat can be overwhelming. Too often a frightened pet who recently experienced a loss of an owner ends up in an animal shelter, confused and heartbroken. They don't understand what they have done wrong or why they have been taken away from their beloved owner.  We can help to find a forever home.


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Contact us via email with any questions or comments


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther


You Can Make a Difference

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