Sources: Stanley, I. H., Conwell, Y., Bowen, C., & Van Orden, K. A. (2014). Pet Ownership may Attenuate Loneliness Among Older Adult Primary Care Patients Who Live Alone. Aging & Mental Health, 18(3), 394–399.; Siegel, J.M. (1990). Stressful life events and use of physician services among the elderly: The moderating role of pet ownership. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 58, 1081-1086.

Seniors with Pets

According to Meals on Wheels America: Seniors with pets are less likely to exhibit depression, report feelings of loneliness and experience illness. 


But taking care of a pet – feeding, grooming and veterinary care – can be financially and physically burdensome to seniors. More often than not, a devoted animal lover with limited access to food will feed their hungry pet before they feed themselves

Depession statistics on senior citizens who own a pet

Senior Citizens and Hospice Patients

How we can help

Utopia For Pets provides at home services:

  • In home assistance for basic care such as basic pet grooming, changing cat litter box, walking your dog

  • Pet Food Services


  • Veterinary Care

  • Groomers

Foster Care Services

Adoption Services

Pet Legacy Program